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Biggest Selection of Stoves in Cork

Bantry Bath and Tile are the leading retailers of stoves in Cork. and insert stoves in Ireland. We stock a huge selection of stoves from the most top suppliers such as Boru stoves, Hamco stoves and Henley Stoves. We have added the most popular stoves from these suppliers and you can check out each from clicking on the pictures below.

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Bantry Bath and Tile Limited for the largest selection of Stoves Cork

Our showroom displays a wide range of stoves including sold and multi fuel stoves as well as double sided stoves and inset stove. Why don't you call to see our stoves selection in Cork at our showroom in Bantry. Our team are ready and willing to discuss your the best solutions to what stove will suit your home or business premises, You can contact us from or contact page by clicking here or by ringing any of the telephone numbers below. If you are thinking of purchasing a stove in Ireland, then you have found the right place!

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Stoves Cork - Styles and Types

Inset Stoves and insert Stoves

Chieftan Inset Stove

The Chieftain Inset stove from the Boru Stove range.

What is an Inset Stove and an Insert Stove?

An inset stove is a stove that is built into a wall or false chimney breast. Inset stoves give you a 'window of flame' in your wall and are available in many different types, for example double sided inset stoves, ones with curved fronts, or huge wide letterbox insets with doors that slide up and into the wall.

Insert and inset stoves are built into a chimney breast leaving just the front face visible. Inset stoves are generally defined as those which are sat on the hearth, whereas an insert stove could be set higher in the wall and would have a four sided frame to finish the visible edge. Inset stoves can transform an inefficient open fire into an efficient wood burning stove often without requiring a great amount of building work as many fit into standard fireplace openings. If you have a more modern style, our range of insert stoves look stunning set into a plain chimney breast, eliminating the need for the additional expense of a fireplace.

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Double Sided Stoves

Double Sided Stoves

The Carriag More double sided stove from the Boru Stove range.

Facts about Double Sided Stoves

Double sided stoves are ideal as central features in very large rooms or for simultaneously heating two rooms which share a central flue system. They are popular for use in pubs, restaurants and hotel lounges or lobbies. However they fit in just as well in open-plan living areas, where they can help divide the room into different zones.

Using one central chimney, the doors to both the back and the front of the stove are designed to open into adjacent rooms. So, compared to individual stoves in each room, you have less work refuelling and even more of a focal point to your home.

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Back Boiler Stoves

Back Boiler Stoves

The Glenregan Back Boiler Stove from the Hamco Stove range.

Basic Facts about back boiler stoves

A stove with a back boiler can be used to supplement your existing heating system or to entirely run your heating and hot water. A back boiler is a device which is fitted to a residential heating stove or open fireplace to enable it to provide both room heat and domestic hot water or central heating. The device is a water filled heat exchanger enclosed at the rear of the burning chamber with a hot water output at the top of the chamber and a cold water feed at the bottom.

As a rough rule of thumb domestic hot water generally takes 2.3-3kWh/person /day (8-10,000 BTU), whilst an average radiator (3' x 4') takes around 1.5kW (5,000 BTU).

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Solid Fuel Stoves and Multi Fuel Stoves

Solid Fuel Stoves

The Ennell solid fuel stove from the Hamco Stove range.

The Difference between wood burning stoves and solid or multi fuel stoves

A multi-fuel stove is very similar to a wood-burning stove in appearance and design. Multi fuel refers to the capability of the stove to burn wood and also coal, wood pellets, or peat. Stoves that have a grate for the fire to burn on and a removable ash pan are generally considered multi-fuel stoves. If the fire simply burns on a bed of ash, it is a wood-only fuelled appliance, and cannot be used for coal or peat.

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